Sushmita Vazirani

Senior Analyst, M&M Assets,Wood Mackenzie

Sushmita’s career at Wood Mackenzie is distinguished by a profound commitment to advancing industry knowledge and practices, particularly within the realms of steel, DRI and iron ore. As the lead for steel and DRI costs at Wood Mackenzie, Sushmita steers through the intricacies of steel operations to investigate the impact of decarbonisation across the value chain.

Her work is especially focused on green steel and iron ore initiatives and the nuanced breakeven analysis for transitioning from gas to hydrogen DRI, positioning her as a pivotal contributor to the industry's understanding of sustainable practices. She is also the SME for Emissions Benchmarking Tool (EBT) where she leads the emissions analysis for steel and iron ore.

Before joining Wood Mackenzie, Sushmita worked as a Senior Steel Analyst at CRISIL (S&P), primarily creating intelligence reports on steel and iron ore markets. Sushmita has a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from Bombay College of Pharmacy and an MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Indore (IIM-I).

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